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Women’s Health Magazine and Facebook team up to launch an online campaign that urges women to live healthier

According to an article on Clickz, in honor of National Women’s Health Week (May 12-18) , the motivational power of social media is being used by Women’s Health Magazine and Facebook in the form of an online campaign that urges women to live healthier.

One new challenge a week is being issued by Women’s Health to readers that they can follow and report via its dedicated Facebook page. Facebook has also joined in the effort by helping promote the campaign via its non-profit and stories pages. Women’s Health is taking a page from Nike and other brands that use social media to help users track and compare fitness scores.

Readers were urged to make an appointment for a checkup yesterday. Today’s challenge: find a workout buddy.

The editorial content and the challenges of the campaign focus on five health-related themes: eating healthy/health innovators, breaking bad habits, fitness trends, preventative screenings, and mental health.

According to the article, an exclusive motivational blog post by Michelle Obama, a Facebook video chat hosted by U.S. Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius, interviews with Facebook users on how they use social media to stay healthy and kick bad habits, and daily profiles of a Facebook member who has used the platform to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle are other features of the campaign.

According to the article, Cat Charrett-Dykes, a migraine sufferer from Long Island who started a Facebook page for fellow suffers was featured by Women’s Health. A sub-group called Bomb Squad aims to help individual group members who are suffering from a migraine by sending well wishes as wall posts, messages, gifts, and cards. Thanks to the group, Charrett-Dykes was able to find a doctor in Texas who was able to cure her of the migraines altogether. Another sub-group provides links to other members to help spread awareness about migraines. Charrett-Dykes starting a non-profit organization as a result of the Facebook group.

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