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Social Media – How to increase likes/followers/fans – Larry Carillo

Larry Carillo

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Social Media – How to increase likes/followers/fans

According to an article on Clickz, Facebook and Twitter encourage companies to run ads; however, since social media took off, one of the top questions has been: “How do we get more followers/fans/likes” for our business?

Answer: “Build personal requests into your business processes.”

According to the article, most fans are customers or are planning to become customers; however, only a very small segment of customers actually like the business on Facebook, even the repeat, satisfied customers.

Getting current customers of a business to follow/fan/like them is the easiest way to get more likes for their page.

Ask Them Personally and Individually

In a fast paced, hectic world, it is often challenging getting people to like on Facebook, or follow/fan on other social media platform.  According to the article, making a request personal and individual is the best way to get anybody to do anything.  In-person requests are the most effective.  Thinking about when customers interact with employees at the business and then figuring out how to organically include a request to connect on social media is going to have the most impact.

If it is not possible to make a request in person, thinking about when customers are most likely to be at a computer and potentially on a social network and making the request at that time is something businesses may want to consider.

Build Social Media Fan/Follow/Like Requests Into Your Business Process

Building social media into the business process is the real key to the success of personal requests, according to the article.  Just putting social media icons on storefronts, websites, and emails is not very effective.

Evaluating the business process and looking at how social media would best be integrated is the way to go.  According to the article, a process was created at a furniture store where people requested new customers to share a picture of their new furniture when it was set up in their home.  They created cards with the Facebook page that sales reps could share to make it easier for customer to remember.  This process led to a large increase in the number of fans.

Provide a Reason

According to the article, people are much more likely to do something if given a reason, therefore, it is essential that businesses provide a reason when asking customers to like them on Facebook or to follow them on Twitter.  According to the article, in the book, “Influence,” by Robert Cialdini, he references a study that found that providing a simple reason -“Can I jump in front of you in line?” vs. “Can I jump in front of you in line because I am in a rush?” – made a big difference in the way in which people responded.

Instead of simply stating, “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter,” businesses are much more successful obtaining likes/followers when they provide a reason why people should like/follow their business.

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