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The Positive Effects of Social Sharing – Larry Carillo

Larry Carillo

Online Marketing Strategist

The Positive Effects of Social Sharing

According to an article on Clickz.com, most businesses will never have a million fans; however,  there are many companies, large and small, that have only a few thousand fans and followers and dedicated staff and agency relationships that do nothing by develop content and manage these communities.

Some might say that this is a waste a time; however,  according to the article, it’s not a waste of time if you understand the power of the share or if your mission is to create a viral spike!  If the goal is to leverage small communities to act as social sparks to start the viral propagation of your content, it is not a waste of time.  You want ongoing dialogue and engagement with viral spikes.

A viral spike is when your content goes viral; when your content gets shared and your reach in social and on the web spikes.  People will share your content if you give them something worth sharing.  People like facts, figures, memos, or photos that make them look smart or witty.

Social Sharing on Your Site

Your own site is the first place you want to enable sharing.  Make the share a big, noisy call-to-action positioned next to your content.  Make it one click away.  The share should be the action!  Work the share into your work flow.  Ask people to share actions like: an item they bought, an infographic they downloaded, a movie they watched, or a contest they entered.

Do the share right and look what happens – your content ends up all over the web! This is the power of social and how you succeed without millions of fans and followers.

Sharing of Facebook Posts

Shares on Facebook get more exposure than comments because they end up in people’s news feeds, so getting people to share is better!

The effect of shares on Facebook – Viral spikes!



Retweets on Twitter

According to the article, the best thing for your business, next to someone clicking on your link and converting into a customer, is for a user to retweet your content.

How do you get people to share?  Ask them to share!  Position share buttons as big, loud calls-to-actions.  The more marketing tactics and programs that encourage social shares the better!

The share is the action – make it happen!

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