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A Marketer’s Must Have – Twitter’s New Keyword Targeting System – Larry Carillo

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A Marketer’s Must Have – Twitter’s New Keyword Targeting System

According to an article on Clickz.com, a keyword targeting system has been revealed by Twitter – giving marketers the ability to target users based on the words they tweet.

According to the article, the feature is successful because of Twitter’s ability to reach consumers in real time.  The system allows for marketers to pinpoint users based on the context of the words they send out through their account.

In a blog post, Twitter Product Manager of Revenue, Nipoon Malhotra, wrote: “This is an important new capability – especially for those advertisers looking for signals of intent – because it lets marketers reach users at the right moment, in the right context.”

To highlight the tool’s usability, the social media firm uses the example of marketers sending out Promoted Tweets about a specific band that users are tweeting about.  Twitter’s feature is a way for marketers to better discover consumers interested in specific products and services.

Marketers were confined to only being able to target users based on a consumer’s interest graph, prior to the launch of the keyword marketing system. The graph used things such as follows as signals for a user’s interest. Marketers were confined to only being able to target users based on a consumer’s interest.

Laundry Service president and founder, Jason Stein, says the feature truly takes advantage of the constantly updating world of Twitter.  According to the article, commentators say the feature creates real-world marketing tactics that only Twitter could capitalize on.

“What is cool about this is that Twitter is the only platform that can really do something like this,” Stein said to ClickZ.

According to Stein, having keyword targeting on Twitter makes the social platform one of the best marketing tools in the world.  He says the amount of data and the periodic updating of Twitter make the new feature vital for marketers.

“Nothing in the world compares to Twitter. While Facebook may have the size nothing quite compares to Twitter’s capabilities,” continued Stein.

When it comes to Twitter and Facebook, Stein says the two are very complementary for advertisers. He says one is important for visual marketing while the other focuses on text ads.

“Facebook is much more visual, but with Twitter it’s much more link- and text-based,” said Stein.

Stein and his company have already started using Twitter’s targeted word feature. He reported that he has already used the tool to send out Promoted Tweets about Hollywood films.

According to the article, the tactic Stein is currently employing is sending out Promoted Tweets to users who send out messages about wanting to rent a movie. He says the tactic helps to pinpoint users closer to the point of purchase.

Twitter’s targeted ad tool is available starting immediately. The feature is available in all supported Twitter languages and markets.

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