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Content marketing trends emerging in the new year

According to an article on, social media marketing is being deployed more thoughtfully and effectively.  Authors and editors have some great, user-friendly tools ( and Percolate) to use to curate great content.  The explosive growth of consumer demand for smartphones and tablets has not yet caught up with marketing dollars. Following are five content […]

Content Marketing – Tools to Use in 2013

According to an article posted on the website of Online Marketing Institute(OMI), The biggest challenge that marketers face in 2013 is producing enough content.  According to Content Marketing Institute’s recent B2B Content Marketing report, forty-five percent of marketers plan to increase their spending on content marketing over the next twelve months and nine out of […]

Facebook Graph Search – Privacy Concerns

One of the current users of Facebook Graph Search, Tom Scott, has started a Tumblr blog – – to document its potential privacy train wrecks. Scott wrote on Facebook yesterday, “I just got Graph Search and it’s actually so creepy that I’ve started this Tumblr to document it.” Scott has things on his blog […]

In 2012 banned advertisers rise only 8%

According to Search Engine Land, in a blog post this week, Google announced that the company cut 224 million bad ads in 2012 – up 67% from 2011. There is no shortage of scammers, as the 2012 numbers show, but there is hope.  The number of banned advertisers rose just 8% from 2011 to 2012.  […]

Apple Looking to Enhance Siri’s Witty Personality by Hiring Qualified Writers

According to an article on, Apple is looking to hire writers to help enhance Siri.  According to the article, a job ad posted by apple on Linkedin, dug up by MIT Technology Review, appeals to writers to help make Siri more conversational.  Apple is looking to hire writers with the purpose of “evolving and […]

Social Media Strategies for Your Business

 In today’s highly competitive business environment, your business needs a social media marketing strategy if it is to survive. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have a social media strategy and it is hurting them in terms of generating traffic and gaining new customers. Some tips to keep in mind: – Content is king is the number one rule to […]

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